The Edinburgh Haematopathology Tutorial takes place annually and is designed to provide a practical approach to different topics in Haematopathology.   This year’s tutorial provides  an update in various  topics related to haematopathology, as chosen by our expert tutors.  Topics to be  addressed in this years Tutorial  include:

  • Immune deficiency / immune suppression related lymphoproliferations
  • Lymphoid proliferations of childhood
  • Lymphoproliferative disorders with indolent behaviour
  • Proliferations of histiocytes, dendritic cells and myeloid cells at extramedullary sites



A unique feature of the Edinburgh Haematopathology Tutorial is the case orientated format.  The two-day course is divided into sessions ranging from 2 to 4 hours.  There may be an introductory lecture to each session, but the main focus of teaching will centre on presentation and discussion of illustrative cases, around 40-50 in total over the two days.  Prior to the meeting, participants will be able to view digitally scanned slides (H&E sections and selected Immunohistochemical stains) of each case via a remote server.  During the meeting, the Tutors will use these cases to highlight and discuss specific areas relevant to the topic being presented.  The atmosphere is informal, and delegates are encouraged to interact with the tutors in order to maximise the learning experience for all attendees.  At the conclusion of the course, participants will have been updated on a broad range of problem areas pertinent to extranodal lymphoma and be equipped with a practical approach to resolving difficult diagnostic dilemmas as they are encountered in routine practice.


Our guest tutors are all internationally renowned in their field and this year include:

  • Rebecca King

  • Thierry Molina

  • Kikkeri Naresh


Electronic copies of all case discussions and lectures will be made available after the course.  The cases will also remain available for viewing for two months after the close of the meeting, allowing delegates to revisit them and reinforce learning points at their convenience.

The course is suited to practicing Haematopathologists, as well as Pathologists with an interest in Haematopathology or lymphoma diagnosis and Pathologists in training.

Approval for 12 CPD credits is currently being obtained from the Royal College of Pathologists.

Attendance is limited to 80 participants